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Contango Journal: An Unintentional Trilogy

About the program

James R. Thompson Center

100 W Randolph St., Chicago, IL, 60601

Closed as of December 30, 2023

Lucas Briffa + Chris Cunningham discuss their journal, Contango (I. Auctoritas, II. Sanctions, III. Crime), and futures markets as mirror of social relations.

For those who can’t make it in person, join via zoom.

on the futures and metaphors of books

This is a reading room installation and platform for exchanging ideas on the relationship between books and the built environment. Presented are case studies of thoughtful books, industry stakeholders, and imaginative manifestos which explore the book through the lens of ecological design practices and experimental media.

BOOKSCAPES features lectures, book talks, and workshops every Saturday
This lecture series is a part of CAB 5: This is a Rehearsal, curated by Floating Museum.
Bookscapes is organized by Marya Kanakis


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Image courtesy of Marya Demetra Kanakis

Marya Demetra Kanakis

Chicago, United States


Marya Demetra Kanakis is a Greek-American architect and editor. Spanning ecology, urbanism, media theory, and curation, her explorations critique ecologies of cities as a coexistence between humans and machines revealing new representations of nature through technology. From designing healthcare clinics, to completing urban design research for SOM, to working on sustainable housing projects for Kanye West – Marya’s work transcends scales of typical practice, revolving around her interests in science, technology, botany, books, and art. Her recent research, Grafted Natures: The Ecology of a Blurred Species proposes repositioning authorship in the anthropocene. She writes on the history of mankind as told through parallel histories of grafting (botanical and medical) exposing centuries of authorship in reconstructing nature – and translating this to the design of a book. Similar themes carry into formats of other work, such as video installations of 3d-scanned genetically modified crops. Current research interrogates new methods of publication design and bookmaking, culminating into proposals for new models of publishing houses. Her methodology for all projects involves spatializing bibliographies and extracting these logics into new associations. After completing her studies at Harvard Graduate School of Design, Marya returned to IIT to teach a studio on the topic of health and urbanism. Her work has been featured at exhibitions in Cambridge, Chicago, Venice, Milan, Rome, Mexico City, and Munich.


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James R. Thompson Center


100 W Randolph St., Chicago, IL, 60601


The Loop


Made possible by The Prime Group, Capri Investment Group, and Google, the James R. Thompson Center serves as a site for exhibitions and site-specific installations as part of CAB 5. Hailed as one of Chicago’s postmodern architectural marvels, the Helmut Jahn-designed building will open to the public through the end of the year.

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