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About Description

The Chicago Architecture Biennial (CAB) is a non-profit organization dedicated to convening the world to explore innovative ideas and bring people together to collectively imagine and shape the future of design. CAB’s programs are committed to producing opportunities to explore and address timely global issues through the lens of architecture and design, emphasizing community input, sustainability, and equity. Free and open to the public, CAB stands as North America’s largest international survey of contemporary architecture and design.

The signature program of the Chicago Architecture Biennial takes place every two years at the Chicago Cultural Center and sites across the city. CAB has hosted five editions since 2015: This is a Rehearsal (2023); The Available City (2021); …and other such stories (2019); Make New History (2017); and The State of the Art of Architecture (2015). CAB programming throughout the year engages global audiences in conversations exploring critical ideas and questions facing the field, and beyond. Over the course of its internationally heralded editions, CAB has presented projects created by more than 400 architects, designers, and artists from over 40 countries.



(872) 299-3210



Chicago Architecture Biennial
78 E Washington St.
Chicago, IL 60602


Artistic Directors

  • Floating Museum, 2023
  • David Brown, 2021
  • Yesomi Umolu, 2019
  • Johnston Marklee, 2017
  • Joseph Grima & Sarah Herda, 2015

Board of Directors

  • Jack Guthman, Chairman
  • Michelle T. Boone
  • Kimberly Dowdell
  • Helyn Goldenberg
  • Valerie Corr Hanserd
  • Sarah Herda
  • Jackie Koo
  • Laurel Appell Lipkin
  • Juan Moreno
  • Lynn Lockwood Murphy
  • Yumi Ross
  • Mark P. Sexton
  • Theodore Weldon
  • Ambassador Louis Susman, Director Emeritus

International Advisory Committee

  • Lord Peter Palumbo (London)
  • Zoë Ryan (Philadelphia)
  • Hans Ulrich Obrist (London)
  • Martino Stierli (New York)
  • Stanley Tigerman (In Memoriam)
  • Wiel Arets (Chicago)
  • Frank Gehry (Los Angeles)
  • Elizabeth Diller (New York)
  • Joseph Grima (Milan)
  • Sylvia Lavin (Los Angeles)
  • Jeanne Gang (Chicago)


  • Rachel Kaplan, Director
  • Trinity Medellin, Coordinator of Public Programs and Engagement
  • Lucia Wallen, Social Media Coordinator

CAB 5 Team

  • Jacob Bennett
  • Kat Caribeaux
  • Bianca Marks
  • Eric Perez
  • Melissa Steins

Graphic Design

  • Helmo
  • Michael Savona, Design Coordinator


  • Hour.Studio and Michael Savona

Youth Education Partner

  • Mobile Makers, Chicago


Partner Programs

Looking to partner with CAB for the upcoming edition, This is a Rehearsal? Partners propose thought-provoking programs that connect to CAB 5 by responding to and expanding upon the artistic direction.

Included below is a link to our CAB 5 Partner Program Information Form. We encourage you to submit this form with any interest in partnering with CAB. Please note we will be accepting submissions on a rolling basis.

CAB 5 Partner Interest Form

For any additional questions, please email

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