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About the program


6018 N Kenmore Ave, Chicago, IL 60660

Saturday 1-5pm and by appointment

Featuring work by Rebecca Beachy, Jennifer Buyck, Eugenia Cheng, Virginia Hanusik, Candace Hunter, Anna Johnson, Roland Knowlden, JeeYeun Lee, Jin Lee, Meredith Leich, Pierre-Alexandre Savriacouty, Tria Smith, and Ines Sommer.

Water uses the Chicago River as an entryway to discuss the interconnectedness and relational importance of water upon the City and its people. From pre-settler colonialism to present day, the availability of water has impacted the City of Chicago’s formation, rise, and current environmental concerns. The exhibition begins with a contemporary view of the Chicago River through the video of artist/architect Jennifer Buyck walking along the entire river. The exhibition also looks to Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River to correlate universal costs of exploitation, commodification, control, and renewal of waterways. Water’s impact and importance is much more than just economical and environmental. Water—essential to life—is a shared resource that connects all.

The City is the Site