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FACADE by Oren Safdie, a metaverse reading

Image and Sketch by Lira Luis

About the program

Program Location

Electronic Visualization Laboratory, 842 W. Taylor St #2032

ALLL x Leapfrog Project

Playwright Oren Safdie’s provocative script delves into the high-stakes world of contemporary architecture, exploring themes of ambition, ego, and the clash between artistic vision and commercial reality in his play, Facade. This is a groundbreaking staged reading visualized by Lira Luis, FRIBA, FRSA, NCARB, RA, LEED AP, pushes the boundaries of theatrical storytelling by blending live actors with cutting-edge immersive technology and a metaverse-inspired setting.

Following the staged reading, a Q&A session will be held with playwright Oren Safdie, leaders of The Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), and Lira Luis FRIBA FRSA NCARB RA LEED AP, offering a deeper dive into the themes and creative process behind the “Façade” metaverse reading.

Due to the experimental nature of this program, seating will be limited. We encourage interested individuals to RSVP early to secure their spot.

Live actors: Talented performers will bring Safdie’s characters to life on metaverse stage, creating a dynamic and immersive experience.
Holographic scenes: Holographic imagery, reminiscent of anime Macros Plus and holographic Tupac’s iconic performances, will transport the audience into the heart of the story in a digital realm.

Metaverse-inspired setting: The staged reading will be held in a unique space that evokes the aesthetics and possibilities of the metaverse, blurring the lines between physical and virtual worlds.
No VR headsets required: Unlike traditional VR experiences, this “Façade” staged reading is accessible to all, offering a glimpse into the future of storytelling without the need for specialized equipment.

Target Audience:
This program is designed for individuals interested in:
Cutting-edge theater and performance art
The intersection of technology and storytelling
Contemporary architecture and its impact on society
The future of immersive experiences

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