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Discussion with Ryan Chester, Author of Chicago Reflected: A Skyline Drawing from the Chicago River

About the program

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This program is virtual.

Chicago Collections Consortium

2350 N Kenmore Ave, 116-D Chicago, IL 60614

Monday-Friday: 7:30 AM–8:00 PM
Saturday-Sunday: 10:00 AM–6:00 PM

Join the discussion with Ryan Chester author of Chicago Reflected: A Skyline Drawing from the Chicago River. In March 2020, Chester began drawing the Chicago River for at least one hour every day. Using only a pen, he moved methodically along a single massive roll of paper. As each chaotic, isolating day of the COVID-19 pandemic passed, he stayed connected with his adopted city by carefully documenting by hand the beautiful intricacies of Chicago’s riverfront architecture, boats, and bridges.

As completed, Chester’s two-foot-high, fifty-five-foot-long drawing is a unique vision. In addition to dozens of accurately depicted buildings, Chester included pieces of Chicago’s past, including the Union Station Concourse Building that was demolished in 1969 and the immense SS Eastland, which sank in the river in 1915, killing hundreds of people. Recent architecture is featured as well, including Studio Gang’s St. Regis Chicago tower and the Bank of America Tower by Goettsch Partners. An essay by acclaimed writer Thomas Dyja accompanies the publication.

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