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DCASE Spring Open House

Image Courtesy of DCASE

About the program

Chicago Cultural Center

78 East Washington Street, Chicago, IL

Daily 10:00 AM-5:00 PM

Chicago Cultural Center Open HouseHouse Music Edition

MAY 30 2024 – 4-8pm

Stop by anytime to enjoy the live activities on all four floors and experience the transformative visual arts exhibitions on display.

About the Event

DJ’s in three rooms, House Dance Workshops, WTTW House Documentary Screenings, Four Visual Arts Exhibitions, Shopping at the Buddy store, Dance Cypher , Performance Art preview ++

The event is alcohol free and great for all ages.

1st Floor:

CAB Studio – Until 7:45 – Exhibition: Praise House: We All Shine

Learning Lab – 4-8pm – Meet our Artist in Residence, Pugs Atomz

Welcome Center – 6pm – After hours building tour

Randolph Square – 4-8pm – Hangout space

Michigan Avenue Galleries – Until 7:45pm – Exhibition: Images on which to build: 1970s -1990s

Buddy store – 4-7pm – The Gospel Truth: Movement I, a video & audio installation exploring the sister city sounds of Chicago House & Go-Go Music

2nd Floor:

Grand Army of the Republic Hall –

4-8pm – DJs Penny Candy & Hector Lopez

5-5:30pm & 6:30-7pm – House Dance Workshops with Boogie McClarin

Until 8pm – Exhibition: Surviving the Long Wars: Transformative Threads

Claudia Cassidy Theater –

Chicago Stories: House Music – A Cultural Revolution presented by WTTW

4:30-5pm – Screening #1

6-7pm – Screening #2 with Special Guest Panel: Barbara Allen, Kevin McFall, Donald Crossley, DJ Gene Hunt & DJ Celeste

7:30-8pm – Screening #3

Chicago Rooms – Until 7:45pm – Exhibition: Victoria Martinez: Braiding Histories

3rd Floor:

Preston Bradley Hall

4-6pm DJ Kenny Ray

4-8pm Open House Dance Cypher, Hosted by BraveSoul Movement. Cypher awards for the freshest dancers


4th Floor:

Exhibit Hall – Until 7:45pm – Exhibition: Opening Passages: Artists Respond to Chicago & Paris

Yates Gallery – 4-6:30pm – Performance Art Resident preview: Tend, by Khecari

The City is the Site