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Cycles: Visiting Artist Lecture with Madeline Hollander

About the program

Program Location

Virtual over Zoom. Click on the registration URL to be directed to the Zoom link.

SAIC Department of Visual and Critical Studies

112 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603

Students from the graduate and undergraduate program at SAIC host internationally renowned artist and choreographer Madeline Hollander. This virtual lecture series is organized through the course Building as Form: Architectural Concepts in Sculpture and Studio Research lead by Danny Floyd and Jeff Prokash in conjunction with the departments of Visual & Critical Studies and Sculpture at SAIC.

Madeline Hollander is a Los Angeles based choreographer and movement consultant who works with performance, video and robotics to explore how human movement and body-language negotiate their limits within everyday systems of technology, intellectual property law, and daily ritual. Coming from a background of professional ballet and a degree in cultural anthropology, Hollander works with dancers, non-dancers, video and objects to compose movement sequences and environments that investigate the formation of new body languages generated by the evolution of interface design, ergonomics, mediated daily rituals and social behavior.

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