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ArchAgenda Debates: SHAJAY BHOOSHAN (Zaha Hadid Architects/ZHA CODE /AADRL)

About the program

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Online in Metrotopia Metaverse


SHAJAY BHOOSHAN is an aspiring polymath. He is an Associate Director at Zaha Hadid Architects where he co-founded and heads the Computation and Design research group (ZHACODE, 2007). He is an alumnus and a studio-master at the post-graduate course of Design Research Laboratory at the Architectural Association, London (AADRL, 2006). There he explores the intersection of computer graphics, video game and metaverse technology, urban development and modern methods of construction. Shajay pursued his scientific interests in digital design and robotic fabrication during his Doctoral studies at the Block Research Group (BRG, 2022) at the ETH, Zurich and previously as a M.Phil. graduate from University of Bath (2016).

SANDBOX FOR THE PHYGITAL FUTURE – the theme of the 2023 ArchAgenda Debates – delves into the emergent blend of digital and physical environments shaping a novel seamless social reality. The series envisions the city and metaverse as as symbiotic spaces to rehearse, inform, challenge, test and design the phygital future.

THE 2023 ARCHAGENDA DEBATES SERIES features series of presentations by practicing architects presenting with their students, bridging together research and design in academia and industry. Each presenter is asked to propose a thesis for the evolving Phygital discourse. Design presentations and thought-provoking debates aim to collectively explore ideas about future phygital cities.

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