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A Lot With Little

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Gallery visits are available October 26–January 27 by appointment. To book a visit, please use our calendar form to see available dates and times. We open the space specifically for each visit so if you can’t make the reservation, please cancel it ahead of time.

MAS Context

1564 N Damen Ave #204, Chicago, IL 60622

Exhibition by London-based architect and curator Noemí Blager with films by Tapio Snellman at the MAS Context Reading Room.

In a world where unpredictable events and natural disasters increasingly affect our living conditions, and where the building industry is responsible for nearly 40% of global carbon emissions, the responsibility of architects has never been as critical as it is today. Indifference to the overwhelming consequences of climate change is not an option. With limited time, money and resources at our disposal, we urgently need new sustainable ways to design and produce good architecture. An architecture led by societal needs, and made with the resources at hand, that responds to local culture, local economy and the environment. An architecture conceived ethically and responsibly, that cares for our future.

A Lot With Little showcases the work of international architects from both the Global North and the Global South, engaged in sustainable solutions for housing, education, transformation of existing buildings and disaster-relief. It features projects with a social dimension that have had a positive impact on the community. The contributing architects provide multiple interpretations of a common mindset, overcoming a lack of resources with creative ingenuity.

Through a multichannel film installation, we showcase selected projects in their existing settings, alongside insightful interviews with the architects themselves. This immersive experience allows visitors to grasp the design challenges and experience the feeling of inhabiting these spaces, instead of merely responding to their visual appeal.

Using films as the medium, we adopt a sustainable approach to presenting architecture without the need for physical object transportation or generating waste, making it fully accessible worldwide. Visitors will embark on an extraordinary journey, discovering the profound impact of architecture on our lives.

A Lot With Little has been supported by Arper.


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MAS Context


1564 N Damen Ave #204, Chicago, IL 60622


Wicker Park


MAS Context is a Chicago-based, nonprofit organization founded in 2009 that collaborates with local, national, and international contributors to create and share work about the built environment.

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