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Kane One of Graffiti Institute

Chicago, United States


Kane One, one of the nation’s premier muralists, has emerged at the top of the street art and graffiti art movement that has taken marketing, private collectors, and education by storm. Born and raised in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, Kane has created massive installations and artwork throughout Chicago and the nation with messages of cultural heritage, education, beauty, and a plethora of other themes. In addition, Kane has created The Graffiti Institute, a non-profit dedicated to teaching the history, skills, and techniques associated with this prolific and ancient art form. Kane has had group and solo exhibits, commissions, and speaking engagements from The School of the Art Institute, The National Museum of Mexican Art, The Floating Museum, The Taste of Chicago, Art Expo, and The University of Chicago, and currently holds a bachelor’s degree in painting and a master’s degree in education. Kane One’s practice includes painting, installation, DJing, and urban interventions that aim to blur the line between art and urban culture.

Kane works as an artist, curator, educator, & athlete, and his projects aim to kindle possibilities for individual & communal reflection.

CAB 5 Contribution

Project Overview

Interchange of Possibilities

The collaboration between the Graffiti Institute and Floating Museum presents a thought-provoking project that merges large-scale photographs of expressway structures with vibrant graffiti art. By juxtaposing these elements, Kane One aims to ignite discussions surrounding the underutilized public space and the complex relationship between graffiti art and public perception. Through a visually captivating medium, the project explores critical topics that shape the urban landscape. It delves into issues such as the limited access to public space for independent artists, the stigma attached to graffiti as an art form, the ban on the sale of spray paint in Chicago, and the scarcity of spaces where graffiti artists can practice their art without facing criminalization. By incorporating graffiti onto the photographs, the project encourages viewers to engage in dialogue about these pertinent themes. It challenges preconceived notions and fosters a deeper understanding of the significance of public spaces as creative outlets and catalysts for social change. This project reimagines the potential of underutilized public spaces, stimulates conversations about graffiti’s place within society, and advocates for the recognition of the artistic value it holds. Through this collaboration, the Graffiti Institute and Floating Museum aim to inspire conversations, break down barriers, and promote the importance of embracing diverse forms of artistic expression within our communities.

The City is the Site