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Fosbury Architecture

Milan, Italy; Rotterdam, Netherlands


Fosbury Architecture is a collective of design and research based in Milan and Rotterdam. Fosbury Architecture received awards in international competitions (Leeuwarden 2015, Turin 2015, Milan 2015, Bologna 2014, Porto 2013, Tallinn 2013) and took part in collective exhibitions (Milan Design Week 2017, Rome 2017, New York 2016, Venice Biennale 2016, Athens 2015). Fosbury Architecture is curator of “Incompiuto – The Birth of a Style”: the first extensive documentation of the unfinished public works in Italy. Fosbury Architecture edited Rroark! a free independent journal printed in 25,000 copies.

CAB 2 Contribution

Project Overview

J’ai pris l’amour

The Studiolo of Federico da Montefeltro, completed in 1476 in his Palace in Urbino, was a place for contemplation, study, and also of display. The distinctive feature of this room is the elaborate timber inlay panels that utilize a technique called intarsia of perspective illusions. The intarsia panels line the room as though it were surrounded by cupboards, all gently open and revealing icons of an idealised vision of the Duke: open books, music scores, musical instruments, military paraphernalia. Fosbury recreates the traditions of the studiolo, the intarsia, and iconographic techniques. Their studiolo recreation is updated as a critique of the contemporary ways that productive leisure has bought the domestic into the commercial and work spheres and vice versa, suggesting that authentic private spaces are environments of resistance for social individuals—exceptional pieces designed with the sole purpose of accommodating the idiosyncrasies of their occupants, much like their precedents do.

The City is the Site