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Filip Dujardin

Ghent, Belgium


Filip Dujardin studied History of Art at the University of Ghent, with a specialization in architecture, before studying photography at the Academy of Ghent. After training as a technical assistant for Magnum-photographer Carl De Keyzer, he started a professional collaboration with Frederik Vercruysse. In 2007 he established himself as an independent photographer for private and public clients, in the fields of architecture, interior and product design. In 2008 he presented Fictions, his first series of independent artworks.

CAB 2 Contribution

Project Overview


True to his beginnings as an architecture historian, Filip Dujardin has produced a series of digital prints that focus on the interaction and overlap of urban form, architectural type, and construction detail. His inclusive survey of high-rise construction in Chicago reveals to us the ways in which the image of a city is constructed first and foremost through repetition and consistency. By manipulating the parameters underlying such consensus within the highly recognizable system of the Chicago grid and its architecture, Dujardin proposes a series of transfers or contaminations between different time periods, scales, and modes of architectural production. The resulting images contain alternative histories for the city.

The City is the Site