Since its founding, CAB has created a platform for innovation in architecture and design through supporting commissions, research projects, publications, and exhibitions. This page highlights projects from current and past exhibition contributors and partners.

Reimagine Your Public Library

Announcing the CAB 5 Participants

Pullman: Conscious Revitalization of the Overlooked

Announcing the CAB 5 Artistic Team

The Available City Publication

Architecture of Reparations: Interview with Riff Studio

Architecture of Reparations

Welcome to the 2021 Edition of the Chicago Architecture Biennial: The Available City

The Available City Workshops

Essay: About The Available City

In Memory of Helmut Jahn

Soil Lab: A Collaboration with the Danish Arts Foundation

David Brown and The Available City

Anarchitectural Library (against the neoliberal erasure of Chicago’s common spaces)

Nourishing The Root: Transforming the Urban Ecologies of Chicago

The Cabbage Patch

Appearances and (Non)Erasures: Mapping Confederate Monuments and the Racial Conditionedness of Liberation

Palatal Geographies

A Love of the World: The Photography of the 2017 Chicago Architectural Biennial

Sustainable House