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“Towers of Steel, Concrete & Glass: Drawings by Kareem Davis + Richard Willis” Book Release Recording

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A book release discussion presented by Almighty & Insane Books: Towers of Steel, Concrete & Glass: Drawings by Kareem Davis + Richard Willis and in their interpretation of Chicago’s architectural history through their personal expression, recorded at Buddy this past February 10th, 2024.

Featured artists Kareem Davis and Richard Willis, Faheem Majeed of the Floating Museum, and Robyn Jablonski of Project Onward.

This publication is intended to capture moments of history to share with others, and to be experienced from many perspectives—aesthetic, architectural, historical, social, and personal—while celebrating the work of these artists and the dedication to their city.

Project Onward with Ricky Willis and Kareem Davis

Chicago, United States


Project Onward exists to give artists with disabilities a visual voice to tell their stories and change the perceptions of the world. Project Onward is a studio and gallery dedicated to the creative growth of adult artists whose lives are impacted by mental illness and developmental disabilities. Our non-profit studio is inclusive and we embrace artists with a wide range of life experiences. Some are self-taught artists who have Autism, while some are formally-trained artists who have bipolar disorder. There are other artists with challenges that are equally complex. However, all of them willingly explore the innermost recesses of their minds to create powerful works of art.

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