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Switch Hook Projects

Switch Hook Projects Information


Primarily operating as a curatorial endeavor between friends, collaborators, Luca Klauba & Zola Rollins – Switch Hook Projects infiltrates spaces of transition as sites of exhibition. In approaching the current climate of their local, Chicago, Switch Hook had set itself in engaging with the harsh contextual divides within the city’s parameters, one which is built into the architecture, the plastering of political oppositional names, faces, upon the buildings garnered as advances in modernist construction. Work being placed against, in opposition of the power structures which build a van der Rohe – how does a gallery question truth? Can one question if itself is adhered to a property division? Switch Hook addresses said mannerisms in the midwest’s post-industrial progress by referring to itself as a non-space, a gallery without the contextual barriers of its building’s exterior.

The City is the Site