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Mat Rappaport is a Chicago based artist, curator, and educator known for works which utilize mobile video, performance, and photography to explore habitation, perception, and power as related to built environments.

My media art projects explore the designed sites of architecture and media representation that program and enforce meaning/s and power. In particular, I am interested in the rise of mass tourism, the intersection of political ideology and architecture, and the commodification of time and space. In architecture, the term “program” refers to the intended use of built spaces including how people migrate, congregate, and inhabit them. The resulting built environment aims to shape and control the use, and experience of real, and virtual spaces. Similarly the proliferation of media, remediated images, and sounds are also a training ground for their reception. Through distribution systems, like television, film, web pages, blogs, podcasts, et. al, narratives are repeated and reformed until their tropes are anticipated when experiencing only a fragmentary image or sound.

I approach these complex themes by employing research methodologies that excavate infrastructure, use patterns, and history of place, economic data, and documentary interviews. The resulting work takes the form of video, photo, installation, architectural projection, and public media performances formulated as fragments and modules that can be recombined into forms that provide a flexible response to specific contexts and audiences.

The City is the Site