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ArchAgenda Debates: VEDRAN MIMICA (Illinois Institute of Technology)

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Online in Metrotopia Metaverse


VEDRAN MIMICA is a Croatian born Dutch architect and educator currently working as Professor at IIT College of Architecture in Chicago. Mimica joined the Berlage Institute Amsterdam in 1991, where he assumed the position of Course Director in 1995. From 2007 to its closure in 2012, he was directing the Institute, being responsible for educational and curriculum programs, in addition to guiding research activities. Mimica has been a lecturer, visiting critic and examiner at numerous schools of architecture all over the world: Architectural Association, London, ETH, Zurich, University Paris IV-Sorbonne, Paris, Strelka, Moscow, Columbia University, New York, MIT, Boston, SciArch and UCLA, Los Angeles, Tsinghua, Beijing, Tongji, Shanghai, UN University, Tokyo, Catholic University of Chile, Santiago, University Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires, Technion, Haifa and Faculty of Architecture, Aleppo.

SANDBOX FOR THE PHYGITAL FUTURE – the theme of the 2023 ArchAgenda Debates – delves into the emergent blend of digital and physical environments shaping a novel seamless social reality. The series envisions the city and metaverse as as symbiotic spaces to rehearse, inform, challenge, test and design the phygital future.

THE 2023 ARCHAGENDA DEBATES SERIES features series of presentations by practicing architects presenting with their students, bridging together research and design in academia and industry. Each presenter is asked to propose a thesis for the evolving Phygital discourse. Design presentations and thought-provoking debates aim to collectively explore ideas about future phygital cities.

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