Youth Council Award | Southside-Pedway by <p>Connor Blandford</p>

Grade: 11

This project was awarded a special honor by the participants in the Fall 2021 session of CAB's Youth Council.

12 Schools without a safe corridor for students. 11 parks dissociated from the community. 5 car only health centers. All within 8 blocks. In order too support local communities, allow for better mobility, improve safety, and reduce car trip; while providing a destination that members of the community actually want to travel too the Southside needs the Southside-Pedway. The Southside-Pedway is a collective space that acts as a park and pedestrian highway. Built upon abandon railroad tracks dating back to Chicagos explosive growth within rail transit will now allow for thousands of trips once again. I believe that the Southside needs more better mobility. I designed this pedestrian path because I want to improve the lives of those without a car by creating an area that encourages them to come, not shoving them to the side of the street, but create a backbone that allows one to get to school, church, work, and daily trips safely.