Veggies on the Shore by Jack Danby

Grade: 11

I decided to pick the plant prompt because throughout my life I have always had a special connection with plants whether I was in a small veggie garden or a big forest. There was something I really enjoyed, Also I don't think there is enough garden and plants in the city of Chicago therefore I decided to make a place to grow the community along with the plants. My submission combines a wonderful view with a place for bonding. There are 2 different veggie garden boxes allowing for people to come and plant new things throughout the season the design of the building is very open as to not distract from the lake. I thought if there was a garden for everyone to enjoy and take care of people would be able to create a sense of relaxation while helping add to the beauty of the city. A lot of people I know always talk about how dirty of a city we have and they wish there were more plants so that Is Just what I did. There is 2 pictures of the space where it will be going.