Unitwine by Monica Castaneda

Grade: 12th

Every neighborhood is different and unique. Then again every neighborhood has something in common. Chicago Lawn neighborhood has quite some history in it. Chicago Lawn neighborhood is quite diverse. Chicago has had a very concentrated community of Islam people, but those people stayed in that community. It seems like the environment is not comfortable to them as well as everyone else in the neighborhood. This park will contain dome that will be shaped as a bunch of hands cupped together. Each hand will be a different color. For example one would be blue, pink, orange, etc.This will represent the unity of diversity. That would also mean integration in one word. By having this hand dome it will make the different people from Chicago Lawn feel comfortable and eager to get to know each other. I believe this park will create a positive impact in the neighborhood and people from other neighborhoods.

This park will not be enclosed with a basic fence. The top view of this park will not be shaped as a rectangle. The main attraction will be in the middle of the park. The hand-dome will be made up of smooth rubber. Each hand in the hand-dome will a different color. There will not be a door in this dome, only a opening for people to walk in. The four benches around the hand-dome will be made up of stone. The snake-like structures that intertwine in the park will be made up of stone as well. These snake-like structures are there to enhance the effect of the hand-dome, but not take away the main attraction which is the hand-dome. The paths in the park will be in stepping stones. Now in terms of greenery, there will be 3 bushes around each bench. There will be bushes surrounding the hand-dome.