United Divine by Gisselle Juarez

Grade: 11th

Chicago Lawn has had violence here and there, especially gang related violence. I personally feel that we can have a pocket park for this neighborhood to be a safer community and involve more youngins than negativity. The pocket park would provide better safety for children. Chicago lawn isint really much of a neighborhood in which you would see big events, but having a pocket park we would see more people from the community coming together in a whole group. A pocket park to this community would bring more positive energy and keep those with violence away. Having a pocket park in chicago lawn would make chicago lawn a better community with more people wanting to be part of chicago lawn without thinking about the violence or a park that is just another playground for violence rather than for kids.

Chicago lawn is based on a community with a large population of blacks and hispanics. With that being known, with a pocket park we would see even more of other race ethnic rather than just blacks and hispanics. For those who appreciate Martin Luther King would be motivated to see a pocket park in which he stood in when he was involved with the protest between aggregation.