The Lounge by Ivan Loeza

Grade: 12th

A pocket park is small. It is used by the few, and everyday people. It won’t ever be flooded with people like national parks. It won’t hold up compared to an urban park. It is not special like private parks are. It is simply a park to be used by a community to enjoy the outdoor life. But it is still a park, an owned plot of land open to the people who live near to feel the outside world in a safe place different from all the buildings nearby. A place for leisure and recreation with a design to accommodate the people who will use it. It originates from a design that was made for royalty and aristocracy to hunt deer. It has come a long way since then. It has become one of the greatest gifts man has to enjoy together. Thus this opportunity is more than just an assignment, it is a chance for me to show how much I care for the people who will come to this park. It is a gift given to me by generous people in architecture to freeload of their gift to the community, to have my name among them. I will not let them down, I will rise to the occasion and show you, the people, my ability to create. My design shall blend the old days of the park with the modern parks and give new frontiers to all pocket parks to follow. From simply what it is to a gateway for my dream of what the future can be. I will contribute pieces to my park to all the people I foresee to come. Using not only the best materials, in ecofriendly terms, but the best looking, I will build this park for the people of this community who do not seem to have a park nearby, compared to other areas. If built on a school black lot will allow for my attention and possible funding for the kids and school. Imagine how many will come to a school next to a library, playground, and pocket park. It will be the best thing to happen not only to the kids but for those who live nearby as well. Considering the theme or texture you might say of the nearby neighborhood, my park will use shades of brown and contrasting sharp colors of certain pieces. I hope that you agree with me that this place is the best for a new pocket park.