The Chicago "Librasium" by Jacob Thalheimer and Rogelio Resendiz

Grade: 11

We chose the prompt of a commons building as an idea that could potentially serve every person in this city and do so in a unique method--combining a library with a gymnasium. From a business approach, this would give the opportunity to Chicagoans, especially ones in the dense downtown area, to exercise both their bodies and their minds and be able to do so simultaneously if desired.

Our submission reflects our motive to improve the quality of life in the busy realm of downtown Chicago. Its location makes it accessible to many people; its intended placement next to the Loop makes it even more so within reach of Chicago's many residents. As mentioned before, the business side of it intends to give these people the opportunity to learn, helping mainly but not limited to students, and also the opportunity to maintain their fitness. Rogelio and I, Jacob, hope that this proposal brings forth more focus on urban innovation intended to improve the lives of Chicago, and metropolitan, residents.