Space Fusion Park by Diana Licea and Julia Lopez

Grade: 11th

A pocket park is a mini park, the size of one lot where people from the neighborhood can congregate and meet one another. Over seven billion people in the world and most people can’t get to know their very own neighbors, it gets harder for people to go to the nearest park and get to know one another and get to trust each other. You don’t get to see kids out on their block playing with the neighbors kids or see kids walk to their nearest park to go and play for awhile. This is why our pocket parks are a great thing for everyone and anyone! Pocket parks provide that safe place for kids and parents to go and play and meet people from your very own neighborhood. This allows you to build trust in your own community and be able to let your kids go out and get some activity done doors. Pocket parks are a 50ft x 125ft lot, they are meant to be small to be able to be put in other communities for people to intermingle with one another. Pocket parks allow you to go out with your kids for a nice day out, meet some of your neighbors and be able to look after your kids and make sure they are safe. Our pocket park will give you all that! We will provide that safe and comforting trust in your community and easy accessibility to a park nearest you. With our pocket park you can bring back thoses evening days where kids can play out outside their house just like the old days. Pocket parks coming to you to bring back the life in our neighborhoods.