Safe Space by Payton Brown, Ariel Eldridge, Laniyah Epps, Madison Mason, Makiah Parnell, and Anthony Pinson

Grade: 8

Safe Space is a wellness center that contains multiple small businesses; free therapy, donation centers, community greenhouse, food drives, and charity rooms.The center will be decorated by zodiac signs.Safe Space will have a membership program so that we can monitor the amount of visitors. If homeless you can use our facility to get mail sent and we will store it in the office.We have twelve stores on the first floor. 6 stores will be dedicated to peaceful items such as candles, incense. Then the rest will be small businesses that will rotate every 3-6 month to allow other businesses a chance to be showcased.Each month a charity will be able to show off what they are and people will be able to sign up and join.We will have multiple job opportunities for teens. You can work within the building as staff or in the garden/ around the neighborhood for community service.As far as the therapy goes there will be an experienced and new therapist. We will have group, couple, and single sessions.We believe that this will be very beneficial for this neighborhood because there is nothing like it around.