Modular Reimagination by Fernando Cisneros, Daniel Morales, and Elias Frey Reschly

Grade: 10th

We imagine using a modular system of assets in vacant or empty areas that can be used to solve multiple issues. We thought a modular system would be able to create solutions to many of the scarcity of services and public spaces such as parks. The modular assets can be modified in multiple ways. By creating modular compact units, we are able to meet different needs of the community by using a template and adjusting to the specific criteria. For example, by designing the units to be fit for housing, we can stack them, and adjust the design. We also implemented retractable furniture such as Murphy beds, retractable desks, and movable panels, to maximize efficiency and flexibility. There are multiple uses for the modular units, such pop up covid testing, vertical gardens, and other necessities of the community. We created an online survey to inquire what problems and necessities were needed by our neighborhood, Brighton Park, and took the responses into consideration when designing. To address the issue of education and schooling, we envisioned our modular panels serving as alternative spaces to existing buildings. To address homelessness and a lack of affordable housing, we came up with a concept where the modules could be utilized as temporary housing on parking lots. To address the lack of access to fresh and healthy food, we envisioned our modular system serving as a complimentary greenhouse and tool shed to a community garden. Furthermore, our inexpensive prefabricated modules could be utilized as pop-up shops, at COVID-19 vaccination sites, and as makeshift walls within existing buildings. In order to address a need for power, we also incorporated solar panels as part of our series of modules. This modular system would place an emphasis on ensuring that the panels are inexpensive and resilient.

Project Team: Fernando Cisneros (10th Grade, Northside College Prep), Daniel Morales (10th Grade, Walter Payton College Prep), Elias Frey Reschly (10th Grade, Lindblom Math and Science Academy)