Maple Community Center by Kimberly Ruiz

Grade: 12

Going home all I see are car shops, auto repair stores, KFC and other fast food places, Liquor stores, one small convenience store that has high prices, loan agencies, and one Aldi. During quarantine a lot of people felt isolated at home and overwhelmed with their bills, children, and work. Here people in the community could advertise their businesses as well as find resources to get help as they're recovering from the pandemic. This will help a community that even before Covid wasn't that close knit become that and even more, a community garden could help those who cannot drive to a grocery store. A big problem during Covid was that kids couldn't get access to good Wi-Fi in order to join their classes and complete online assignments, This project will help utilize the space so that if someone needs to use Wi-Fi for whatever reason they will have a place to do so. Parents are usually scared to let their kids play outside on the sidewalk if they don't have a yard, this will make sure parents that are unable to be home once their kids get home from school will have somewhere safe to play at and interact with the other children in the community. I made sure to add many donation and volunteer places because it will make people who feel alone be able to be open about their struggles and see many are struggling just like them.