Little Village Community Trade Park by Alejandro Jimenez

Grade: 12

I decided to choose a trade establishment where people in the community can come together and show there talents and hobbies while also making some money for there family by selling things they make to people in community. A trade park I felt was what my community needed because we have so many regular parks in Little Village where all they have are places for the kids to play, as well as have of these community places being gardens that the people grow themselves. My creation shows how something so simple can be so effective in a community like little village because of the fact that we find any excuse to come together and be with family and friends, it serves its purpose like giving plenty of seating options for the people to sit down and talk while enjoy there new found items they bought form the vendors of there community, and it helps keep vendors safe from most climate if thy stay inside the canopy's. Most of these items will be built in to place for anti-theft purposes.