Little Village by Jimena Saldana

Grade: 8th

What makes my neighborhood unique you ask? My neighborhood has amazing murals and a beautiful arch, but what really makes my neighborhood special is the people who live in it. We are a neighborhood filled with youthful Dreamers that value their education so much, it’s rare. We are overflowing with passionate students who are striving to make a better future. We value our education so much that many individuals were on a 19-day strike to build a new high school in our neighborhood, the Little Village Lawndale High School Campus. If that doesn’t show our dedication to education, then I don’t know what does. Not only that, we celebrate our Mexican culture. If anyone were to come and visit us, they would see the pride we hold behind these beautiful decorations. Our enthusiasm towards our culture is one I doubt you would find elsewhere. We have an arch that is important to us, as it is our warm welcome to those who choose to come and visit. My neighborhood, Little Village, is definitely a special place and I’m glad I’m a part of the people that make this place unique. Just like our arch reads, ‘Bienvenidos a Little Village.’