Little Village by Emmanuel Gomez

Grade: 11th

Little Village has been around since the 19th century, it has always been full with immigrants since then. In the 1970’s more and more Mexican immigrants decided to move in to Little Village, ever since then Little Village is mostly full of Mexicans. A lot of the residents call it “Mexico of the Midwest” because of how much the Mexican culture influenced Little Village. It has great food, you can find food anywhere in Little Village, especially down 26th street. There’s a lot of vendors with cars full of fruit, corn, pork rinds, and even taco stands. Little Village also has a lot of beautiful art, you can find it anywhere; in stores, walls, bus stands, and even on houses. All of the art has vibrant colors that bring joy to the people that visit it, there are a lot buildings that are bright colors as well. Someone doesn’t usually see that, there are buildings that are bright yellow, bright blue, and even a bright pink. Little Village is one of a kind, there are a lot of others neighborhoods that have the Mexican culture as well, but nothing beats Little Village its like taking a quick trip to Mexico.