Little Italy Library by Galilea Ines

Grade: 11th

I personally feel like Libraries hold in a lot of history and sources in which people can go and gain a lot of knowledge. Due to the fact that Little Italy is known for having immigrants and modernizing to holding a lot of younger people, I feel like this library should hold a lot of that history so the people from there and who visit are able to learn from the town itself and gain some sort of knowledge towards the backstory of how Little Italy started. I feel like this relates to the Biennial theme because it is “Make New History”. This quote makes me think of how we as a community are creating things that will be remembered years from today. I want that for this library because everyday we live we are always making things that we will never forget. This library will have the opportunity to allow different people from different cultures and backgrounds to visit and make history within that library. This library should be the center point in which the community can come together and learn along with making things that can change the world in a positive way.