Little Italy Library by Tasima Allen, Janise Poole, Roger Space, Kadeijah Bailey, and Xavier Dennis

Grade: 11th

The Little Italy neighborhood is such a beautiful and diverse place to live. The neighborhood houses such a broad range of races, ethnicities and backgrounds. The library should be a community building where people can use it for their needs. The library should be a welcoming place that unites the neighborhood not just for food but for families to come together. Chicago citizens are so different from one another yet that is the thing that ties us together.

Our team was excited to find out that there were so many restaurants in this area! Everyone likes to eat! This is where we began our conversations. We talked about the foods we liked and where we would go to eat first. Different flavors and styles for everyone. There is nothing bigger that unites as than food around the table.

We should have a community center where the neighborhood is our dining table. This is the place where we can come together and learn about each other. The Little Italy neighborhood is the perfect place to provide leadership, peace and education.