Infinite by Robert Greer

Grade: 12th

In Chicago Lawn I planned to place my Pocket Park on 60th S. California Ave. Chicago Lawn has been known for the marked spot for the most important March in history. Chicago Lawn is more of a quite community and more of an individual independent area among all the neighbors. My ideas for my Pocket Park is to bring a type of lifelong span to the community and bring the importance of the area to the people in the neighborhood. The result of my Pocket Park being placed into the area would increase the neighbors to actually communicate with one another and to give people insight on the ones that stay two houses down from them. Chicago Lawn is consisted of a lot of open space and the fact of placing the park in a much hidden area would show and difference in the community as a whole and the park would begin to have an effect on the people in the community.

In My Pocket Park located in Chicago Lawn is a different kind of park that is set aside of the normal parks in Chicago, with the slides, swings and hiding tunnels for the little ones. I wanted my Park to symbolize history on the Area as a whole and really show the people that is around the great history and the reasons why the neighborhood is what it is now. The materials I used for my Park was paper like structures that showed a continuation of an infinite amount. I also used clay to give my overall structure of the main focus and the attraction of the park. I used brown sheets of construction paper to fold up into a straight 3D line so I could assemble them together to show the ongoing line of the park that never stops.