Energetic Generation by Shalaya Rayford

Grade: 12th

Almost every neighborhood in Chicago could benefit from a pocket park. The main reason I chose Chicago Lawn is because it’s a neighborhood that can use some change .The people in my neighborhood can use a pocket park for several reasons. The foundation of Chicago lawn being that how it changes in form of material and design. My pocket park will be sort of a small enclosed place for people to gather, relax and intrigue their minds with interesting facts about their very own neighborhood and also learn new things about the area. The things that was here in Chicago Lawn before it became separated the way it did years ago was different native tribes and much more like Martin Luther King was here do one of his historical walks. Another reason why we need a pocket park is because the community is used to having these such big park which only leaves one park in the neighborhood with nothing to really enjoy and take interest in. So having this pocket park will be a healthy configuring factor that will expand area of recreation in a new evolving way. Especially to those who are unaware of their living environment background.

The materials that I have decided to put into my pocket park are basically the materials that i have put into my paper model but more detailed, i want materials that shows evolution and something that can be made into a bolt. I don’t know how to explain pacifically what i want but i know physically what i want to build. Similar grass like material, foil, kind of like a replica of my paper model pocket park but more detail. Some type of materials i can make into evolution beginning small, growing until it gets small again. And something i can make into a bolt, i can add benches when i figure out where everything else would be, and since i have to make a park that can’t have slides and swings and other things that parks usually has since i was combining evolution and activity i was thinking about having books, and different activity’s that attracts different types of kids.