EcoGreen by Alis Chirila

Grade: 9

EcoGreen is a greenhouse that can benefit a lot of diverse communities. EcoGreen can help in preserving the green life in major industrial cities where more and more greenery is being replaced. Many diverse communities can come together as a whole and take care of the plants and vegetables that are housed in there. The reason that I chose to build and design a greenhouse is because of its many benefits such as: growing safe food, creating edible landscapes, helping boost the local economy, teaching others how plants and vegetables are grown in a safe way and improving the health and wellbeing of the people in the neighborhood. Communities can come together as a whole and get some hands on experience in planting and farming. I decided to place EcoGreen on the Lake Shore Park because it is very accessible to a lot of people. Citizens can just stop by and contribute a little of their time towards a greater good.