Chinatown by Dellandara Delgado

Grade: 11th

During the 1870’s, many Chinese immigrants who’d settled in the United States were being treated inhumanely and they needed a more peaceful place to live. In the year 1905, Chinatown was built in Chicago. Chinatown was built to help Chinese immigrants to settle in a place that would remind them of home. Now, Chinatown is the home for thousands of residents and the population continues to grow.

Chinatown is a cultural identity and heritage marker for Chinese Americans. It is considered to be one of the largest and most vibrant ethnic communities in the United States. It is a place filled with color, cultural cuisines and traditional customs. It is also a place that attracts many visitors from around the globe. To show the importance of Chinatown, a Nine Dragon wall was placed on Cermak Road.