Boystown by Phoenix Wojnarowski

Grade: 12th

Boystown is a very special and important place to visit in Chicago. It is the acclaimed ‘proudest part of chicago’, hosting the city’s pride parade and home to the LGBT legacy walk. It is on North halsted and was put together so more people could learn about LGBT history and to make a statement against LGBT bullying of children. It is the largest collection of monuments in the world dedicated to Queer history. Algo this walk you can learn more about people you may have heard of before such as Frida Kahlo, Jane Addams, and Harvey Milk. There are many others that you can learn about that you may have never heard of before. You get to see the impact their work had on society, how they are no different than other historical figures accept they are LGBT. This kind of representation is important and knowing their history, your history, can help make a better future for all of us. Diversity is beautiful and it is certainly always celebrated in Boystown.