Arts N Parts - North Lawndale by Sebastian Aguilar-Ripley, Ayomide Ajayi, David Davila, Alejandro De la Fuente, Marshall Ellis, Thomas Lawless, Eduardo Mora, Earl Christian Valzado, and Wynton Wright

Grade: 9th - 12th

The Arts N Parts project will reimagine/revive a vacant lot located on 16th Street in North Lawndale.  This is a historic area on the main road, and we want to activate and bring excitement to this area!  North Lawndale has a lot of historic architecture and vacant lots across the city, so we carefully chose a spot where buses, trains, and cars will pass by and see the facility.  The reason why we want to reimagine this vacant lot and construct a trade school is to prosper North Lawndale economically and socially by providing people with a chance to acquire higher education and seek a better job. The Arts N Parts center will be environmentally sustainable as well, with solar panels mounted on the roof to generate clean, free electricity from the sun. This idea reflects the aspirations and interests of North Lawndale residents, as 3/4 of the population is low-income and many do not have a high school diploma. We hoped that by establishing a trade school, we would be able to provide new opportunities and an alternative route to education for the community. Masonry, Piping, Metal Working, Carpentry, Electric Training, and HVAC/Mech Training are some of the classes that the Arts N Parts center can provide to North Lawndale residents and others. With dedication and discipline, the residents of North Lawndale will have the chance to improve their financial standpoint and provide a better future for their families if they complete their training. One of the major benefits that the Arts N Parts trade school can offer is a flexible schedule for their participants. We recognize that many residents work full-time jobs to make ends meet. They will be able to choose and plan a routine that best suits their needs.