Arts Center at North Lawndale by Chloe Acosta, Maya Diaz, Angelynn Jimenez, Montserrat Lopez, Daveon Merrick, Devin Otto, Dominic Ridarelli, Max Rojas, Nicholas Tam, and Michael Wangler

Grade: 9th - 12th

An Arts Center will be a hub for the families and artists in the community! The Arts Center includes five sections: a garden, an art studio for painting and physical media, a dance studio, and a museum showcasing the artistic values of architecture. Over half the population in this area is under 30, so we want to create a place kids and families can paint, dance, and see a theatre show! North Lawndale has a lot of historic architecture. Instead of tearing this building down, we renovated the inside and added an extension for the new theater. North Lawndale is only limited to schools, a senior community, religious buildings, and a daycare. Therefore the Arts Center aids the youth of North Lawndale in expressing their artistic side through different mediums. The CTA pink line, buses, and Metra are nearby, bringing visitors from all over Chicago to the North Lawndale neighborhood to come to events here.