3rd Place | Garden of Books by Ariel Buckmaster

Grade: 7

I chose the commons prompt because the Garden of Books is a botanical-themed green public library bringing the outdoors inside with the goal of listening to the calming sounds of nature while reading! The sounds of nature come from a stone wall with a waterfall in the main room. The roof is a stained-glass dome where natural light flows through the first and second floors. Solar panels provide power. The location was found at My submission reflects what people should have in West Englewood: a beautiful, comforting, and peaceful environment. Children will be able to have an escape right in the neighborhood and explore the world through books helped by librarians to find resources. I wish for people to have fun in the library and find it calming like a second home. The architecture was inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Nebuchadnezzar with the multiple floors and wild gardens on the balconies. Another influence is the architect Frank Lloyd Wright who is also inspired by nature and incorporates it into his builds, for example, his Falling Water house or Home Studio in Oak Park, Il.