3rd Place | Artistic Center for Enrichment (A.C.E.) by Keiara Taylor, Addison Morley, and Enjoli Sally

Grade: 9

We chose to build this space in the Bronzeville area (48th and Michigan) because as a resident here, I feel that the reason there are so many children "out on the streets" is that there aren’t enough community spaces designated for those children. In my area, there are two open lots near a library. With the help of the library, we have created a welcoming haven for the creative and performing arts. On the northwest lot stands a building intended as a gathering space, featuring two restaurants, using produce grown on location. Inside the building also lies a dance studio and arcade. Outside we have tents where we can sell fresh produce from a farmers’ market. Its counterpart will be focused on the visual arts, providing subsidized studio space where artists can do any artistic thing they would like. We also tried to bring a sense of connectedness to the block and surrounding community, by creating an arcing structure, opening from both sides into the center of the block. We decided to create a space that facilitated all three of the prompts so everyone has something that interests them that they can participate in and immerse themselves in.