3rd Place | Art Park by Amira Moultrie

Grade: 8

The Art ParkArt is a big part of Chicago there are several museums and colleges like The Art Institute and Columbia College. But, there aren't many community art centers on the South Side, especially in Pullman. I want to change that, there should be a place in Pullman for artists to make art and sell it. So, I would turn the vacant lot in Pullman into an art park. This space would be used to learn, make, and sell your artwork. This would be a commons and an exchanging space because it's a place to create and sell. There will be art classes available, some included would be painting, sketching, murals, sculpting, street art, etc. Since acrylic paints and some art materials can be harmful to the environment. Artists can learn how to use nature to make supplies. The firehouse would be used to hold the classes as well as, art fairs to help newer artists further their careers. Insulated Conex storage containers would be used to store art supplies and artwork. There would be solar panels on top of all the buildings to power the electricity. Art should be available to everybody, no matter where you live.