3rd Place | Abstract Park by Jose Ruan

Grade: 12th

This park was created with something very specific in mind, and that was to allow everyone into this park no matter the age or who they are. First of all we placed the puzzle pieces which is more for little kids but anyone else could use. Then I thought of teenagers and the way they think. We came up with the idea of making something fun and challenging for them. We created the platforms which are held by columns and are used to either sit, or climb and sit at the top. Now when I thought of the adults or older people I thought they deserved a space for themselves. This is why we created the underground area which has sitting available. This opens up communication between parents to make the park feel more secure. Also I noticed that there are not many dog parks in the area, which made us think also about dogs. So we created an enclosed section for the owners to have their dogs play safely without harming others. Finally, we had to think about the overall family. So we created things like the underground chalk wall, or the hill with seating, to allow families to enjoy the park as a big proud family