2nd Place | The Veggie Spa by Jackie Maciuszek

Grade: 12

I created a dome with a seasonal garden that serves as a communal fresh produce pick up and a study garden. The dome has a large sunroof at the top of the structure, which provides plenty of sunlight for the plants, as well as heat. Throughout the dome, there are multiple sun holes that house wild mosses and greens, as well as provide extra sunlight. The main structure, in the center of the dome, is a 5 tiered tower with a continuous ramp and walkways. There are paths for people to walk through the tower, and explore the variety of plants. On each tier, the plants are distributed and sorted based on their needs. The plants on the lower level require the least sunlight, but the most water, making it more accessible for volunteers to water. The top tier, closest to the sunroof, houses plants that are most dependent on sunlight and heat. Each tier has multiple varieties of veggies and fruits, free to those who need them. On the sides of the dome, I placed multiple benches, creating a space perfect for relaxing and focusing. This dome is a multi-functional space that is flexible and beneficial for a community.