2nd Place | Project 404 by Melissa Torres, Maya Allen, Kayla Andrews, Natalia Arreguin, Lidia Barraza, Michael Cortez, Aerin McGee, Nyaiara Morris, Aidan Ratcliffe, Steven Shavers, Donyae Smith, Kassidy Tate, Jada Boyd, Ashton Hutchinson, Xavier Jones, Catahjari Murphy, Gemyah Walker, and Lavonte Williams

Grade: 12

In a community where there aren’t many positive outlets or resources for young adults which pushes them in the direction of less constructive activities, having a place like a Teen Youth Center in this community would be extremely beneficial for the teens in the Pullman/Roseland area. The center would include things such as a library area with study groups and therapy sessions, a cafe for healthy eating options, a lounge with a stage for live performances, and a gaming space. It promotes socializing and creates a safe space for students to enjoy things together like darts, board games, and crafts creating a sense of positive community building. It would teach life skills such as cooking in the cafe, learning financial literacy, networking, and creative problem-solving in the learning center. It would be a place for teens in the community to better themselves with study groups, consumer education, or therapy in the library. They will have a place to further explore the activities they are already interested in like poetry, music, or crafts. A lot of teens in this community don’t have resources or access to activities they are curious about. If we give area teens access to these opportunities, it would benefit the teens, their parents, and their teachers because it will build upon any existing academic supports and give students purpose, opportunity, and community. This teen center would encourage a healthy balance between academics and a social life.