2nd Place | Memorial Greenhouse by Aiden Feinberg

Grade: 7

This project reimagines an empty lot that sits on the downtown campus of Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The “Memorial Greenhouse” is a space for reflection, meditation and gathering, and was chosen to create a peaceful space during a crazy time in history.The greenhouse serves the needs of the medical community in Streeterville by providing a respite from hospital life, it serves the needs of the residents by preserving green space in a bustling city.Within the greenhouse there is a full-service cafe and green juice bar to provide healthy snacks. This space will provide a place for community gathering, whether it is for medical students, hospital workers, or local residents gathering to share a cup of coffee and conversation amid fresh greenhouse air.One room is specially designed to house plants for neighborhood residents that are on vacation. The greenhouse staff will watch and water your beloved plant(s) while you are away.The greenhouse has tall ceilings designed for tall plants and trees. There is natural light coming in from all sides that allows the the plants to thrive and to provide a respite from pandemic stress and everyday life. Seeds can be purchased and planted in the adjacent outdoor garden to memorialize loved ones that may have been been lost.