2nd Place: Graphic Design | Humboldt Park by Lesbeth Droz

Grade: 11th

Humboldt Park is a neighborhood that’s unique because it’s known for a dynamic social and ethnic demographic change over the years. The population of Puerto Ricans has increased highly. Humboldt park is a place that represents Puerto Rico and its heritage. For example there is a really big park that has many food trucks, sports,beach, gardens and restaurants around. It’s located on the west side of chicago. Puerto Ricans have also been identified the strongest population in the community since the 1970’s. Something that’s important is the really big Puerto Rican flag (15 feet tall, it’s the entrance to ‘Paseo boricua’ and you go down a street that’s dedicated to Puerto Ricans and it’s also known as the hall of fame because there is murals and a walk way with many names of Puerto Ricans that have passed and did something good to help the community. There is a Puerto Rican festival that happens every year to bring the community together and enjoy a weekend of fun, that includes music, rides, live performances and car shows. It brings people together and it makes people feel welcomed. It’s worth visiting because the community is humble and wonderful.