2nd Place: Architecture | Little Italy Library by Miguel Rodriguez

Grade: 12th

The community of Little Italy/ University Village can benefit from this library in many ways its located in the middle of little Italy so it can serve a community center, can also be used for multipurpose usage. Also due to the three schools near (St Ignatius High School, Jungman Elementary, and Smyth Elementary),by that don’t have the complete access to UIC’s library, those which sum up to 2,000 plus students. These students can then use the library for study hall’s, computer usage, or academic reasons. It can also serve those adults in the community that aren’t so into technology and rather read a hard covered book. This Public Library will benefit all these students as well benefit the residents of the community. My public library will be design to fit at the corner of Roosevelt and Throop using a 75’ (south) by 125’ (east) 9,375 Square ft.