1st Place | Pullman Technology Center by Jadon Carter

Grade: 7

My design is for a computer lab/museum and this is what it will offer:

Contents of Computer lab: Once you walk in, you will be in the lobby and after you go through the main door you will see four doors. One of them will be the main computer lab and the other 3 will be the rooms where you will learn different aspects of computers at different levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. At the front desk, you will be able to sign up for lessons where you can choose which one of these levels you want to be in. These classes will be available for all age groups.

Contents of Museum: When you walk into the museum and go into the lobby and you will have a free guided tour through the museum with exhibits to show how computers have evolved over the years and with interactive segments including old and new versions of Software.

Why this would be helpful: The reason I believe this would be beneficial for installation would be that it would be a place where people use computers if they don’t have computers at home. Computer literacy is extremely important in this age of technology.