1st Place: Architecture | Little Italy Library by Uriel Gutierrez

Grade: 12th

It is important for the community of Little Italy to have a library because they have one very small library in their community. The reviews to the library say it is extremely small but is very organized. Due to the lack of libraries in the area and due to how small they are I am glad to say this library is pretty spacious much like a boat which is my concept. The concept of the library would come from the pride that Little Italy has for Christopher Columbus. He sailed the seas with 3 boats and that’s what the building is based upon. The mainsail was the concept for the main part of the building. However, I took a different approach to the sail and made it more of a straight-edged figure. The entrance to the whole library which holds the lobby and info center is the captain’s cabin. I again made it a straight edged cabin rather than a curved one that are in the older boats. The main reason I decided to make the library based entirely on a boat would be to make the connection to discovery. One discovers new ground with boats like one discovers many new ideas, stories, and adventures through reading.